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developing nanotools

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Size matters. The smaller, the better.

about nanoparticles

During the last decade, nanoparticle were frequently used to improve the efficiency of delivering molecules in biological organisms, to reach a specific target, to prolong the half-blood circulation of a drug and to enhance its biodisponibility. Nanoparticle can be made of two different types of materials and they can be divided in two big areas: the inorganic nanoparticle and the organic ones. In the light of these considerations, Nanoverse bases the synthesis of its nanoparticles exclusively on organic materials, producing a biocompatible and biodegradable nanotool and avoiding their toxicity and accumulation into the human body. Nanoverse offers an efficient way to deliver active principles like drugs, vitamins, food supplements and molecules of chemical synthesis, using a technology which suits your needs and requirements, in terms of size, structure, tagging and surface chemistry. Eventually, Nanoverse will try to make your target easier to achieve, taking advantage of a specific, efficent and tailor-made approach.

nanoverse products

With the aim of achieving a close connection between the infinitesimal size of nanoparticles and the larger one of biological systems, Nanoverse develops on-demand particle-based solutions for multiple purposes. The nanosize and the high ratio surface/volume of nanoparticles allow greater penetration of active principles inside the organisms, thus facilitating their uptake. This objective is accentuated also through the coating of nanoparticles surface with signaling molecules that permit the delivering to target cells. In this way, the amount of active substance to be used may be 10-100 times lower than the same non-encapsulated: circumscribing the biological effect on a certain type of cells there is a greater efficiency of the active principle with the possibility therefore to use lower doses. Less toxicity, limitation of any side effects and also saving on the cost are obtained thanks to the reduction of the dispersion. .

developing nanotools

Nanoverse focuses on those fields where nanotechnologies can promote benefits. Specifically, environmental, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and agro-zoo-technical companies, which would integrate nanotechnological innovation into their network development and to whom Nanoverse offers its skills, in term of cellular models, biotechnological approaches, evaluation of applicability and industrial nanotechnologies. Nanoverse supports its client with a technical consulting service to identify the best strategy for encapsulation and delivery of a specific active principle. On these bases, using a Nanoverse product will be an advantage: a more effective strategy compared to the traditional ones, saving money, market upgrading for the client.

the dream team

Marta bonaconsa

CEO & Project manager
Marta Bonaconsa, degree in Biological Science @University of Padova, PhD in Neuroscience @University of Verona liaise with companies and potential financiers, organizes crowdfunding and takes care of business development (scientifically, financially, follow-up, report).

michele bovi

Scientific supervisor
Michele Bovi, graduation in Biotechnology and PhD in Biotechnology @University of Verona, follows the planning and reserarch stages of Nanoverse and supervises the team in the developement and production of nanostructures.

pietro vaccari

Project Development
Pietro Vaccari has Bachelor Degree in Biotechnology @University of Verona and a Master Degree in Science and Technology of Bio and Nanomaterials @Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.

arianna pisani

Project Developement
Arianna Pisani had a Bachelor Degree in Biotechnology and a Master Degree in Agro-alimentary Biotechnology @University of Verona.

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